Stephen Kenneston



live action direction, director of photograhy, creative development

Stephen Kenneston, an award winning Director/DP, has a flare for dynamic composition and a head for practicality in meeting strategic communication. In an ever changing world, where getting the job done is paramount and the lack of speed no excuse for compromise, Stephen borrows from his diverse experiences to effectively get the job done. His diverse background of working in post production at Corman Studios as well as his tenure coming up through the ranks as a camera assistant, afforded him insight beyond most in the same role. It is a compilation of career disciplines that cumulatively allow him to excel as a storyteller.

There is no shortness of nuance in the world of storytelling and to be able to do it well takes a great understand of the tools to the point that it should be second nature. In the instance of understanding the nuances of moving the brushes and paints, he’ll tell you, “one becomes able to truly concentrate on the aspects of character development as it is revealed to an audience.” It is those very nuances of film making disciplines that allow for the articulation of the artistry to draw an audience in.