My morning starts with a chai latte full of cinnamon, cardamon, turmeric, coriander and soy. I fancy myself to be a storyteller from a long line of storytellers and a clairvoyant, a musician or two. My people are mainly eccentric artists and intellectuals from Sweden and Scotland. Where I got my lust for adventure, I’m not sure. My Viking Father had a passion for adventure of the exploring type. My Scottish Mother had a passion for Truth, Justice and Intellectual Adventure.

Starting in the Northwest, I was traveling the world by age 16. My love of anything Latino came from an American Field Service adventure in the Spanish Basque country. A year in India was part of my college training. It began by studying Western culture in a California university for a year, followed by a year in Bangalore, India, studying Eastern culture.

Eventually I ended up with a bachelor’s in anthropology and started filming various cultures with the Lifetime Achievement from the American Film Association award-winning Les Blank and Flower Films. We were essentially visual anthropologists filming the Cajun Culture, the Polka Culture, various American ways of life. The films were on PBS and part of an American State Department effort to portray the USA lifestyle around the world.

Life continued to be a cinematic adventure for me as I worked as a producer for Saturday Night Live on comedy vérité, “man on the street” bits with Blondie and various SNL guest artists. NYC was a rich force of work, and I produced fashion pieces for designers such as Ralph Lauren, several political pieces and a documentary on the Olympics in Los Angeles. The highlight of that production period of my life was when I went to China and got the first US/China film contract with the Chinese Film Association for a piece directed by Louis Malle. My trips to China were endlessly fascinating, especially when the Chinese Film Delegation would ask me how Jane Fonda was and would offer slugs as a dinner delicacy.

Now married with a family of two grown boys who are themselves happily married and having baby girls, I am the head of Anderson3. I am not a “Devil Wears Prada” type of female executive. I prefer to “lead from behind” and really trust people and believe in them. We have the best possible team at Anderson in Bristol, Connecticut, Austin, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and Portland, Oregon.

As you can see on the rest of the website, we offer work in motion, branding, design and live action!

The highlights of our 20 years are winning Emmys for E:60 and ESPN Classic. We have created original programming, spots and promos, as well as sizzle reels and upfront content for ESPN, Sports Center, NFL Countdown, Baseball Tonight, College Game Day, Deportes, Versus, PBS, Outdoor Channel, Disney, Microsoft, Mastercard, JDK, Head & Shoulders, Samsung, Corona, LonghornNetwork, Nokia, Blackberry, ABC, XBox, Disney and Telemundo.

Most important of all to me is my work as a certified Minority Vendor. I have tried to mentor and promote women and minorities in our company, as well as personally promote the careers of young women minorities in our industry.

Also, somewhere along the way I got a master’s degree and I want to go on to finish with a PhD eventually.