Graphic design, creative direction, business development, client management, advertising, producing, excellent organizational skills, fluent in Spanish and English

Petu Duperron is a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience. After 10 years of owning a boutique design and advertising business in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she moved to the USA, to the Hartford-area, looking for new horizons and opportunities for her and her family.

Her responsibilities as the owner and creative director of her company included new business development, client management, direction and motivation of  her creative staff. Her client list included premier companies such as American Express, Citibank, Banco Galicia, Massalin Particulares, Eidico. Prior to starting her own company she did creative work for La Industria, a group focused on the design and production of magazines, brochures, in-house newsletters, identifying promotional materials for Volkswagen of Argentina and Nestle of Argentina.

Her journey at Anderson started in 2012 working with brand identity for the company and with the year-end corporate clients’ gifts. And client presentations. Some of her work here at Anderson includes vignette designs for Brand USA, the USA’s official tourism agency, and for ESPN: Samsung Galaxy II, ATP Tennis, BUNDESLIGA end panel designs. Petu also works with the creative staff on a series of projects, including the Italian Soccer League Serie A promo, boxing promos, Duelo de Ganadores, WATCH ESPN PROMOS, talent promos, radio formula promos.

In January of 2013 she started her career as a TV producer at the ESPN INET (International Sales Department) using her designs skills experience and her skills on direction and motivation of  her creative staff, working as a team with the editors delivering the best work for every client and maintaining top performance on deadline-driven assignments.

Petu lives in North Canton, CT, with her three kids, Clara, Felix And Sofia (and her dog, Rodeo). She loves doing outdoor sports with her kids… during the winter skiing and during the summer yachting.

Su pasión por el diseño y el arte en todos sus aspectos y formas lo aplica en cada momento que puede, re decorando, transformando su casa, recorriendo anticuarios encontrando objetos de decoracion para luego transformarlos.

En Anderson es la organizadora de eventos sociales, fiestas de fin de año, halloween parties, summer parties etc. …. Otra de sus muchas pasiones.