Recent Work With Wildcat Ridge

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Our Portland team just finished up work on a promotional spot for Wild Cat Ridge, a sanctuary for wildcats that are in need of a home. The promotional video was used to help raise money to improve the facility so that they can rescue even more cats. A great job by our Portland team for […]

Marlon Hidalgo I Anderson wins 3rd Emmy!

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Another Emmy won!!  Marlon Hidalgo a valued member of the Anderson family has won his 3rd Emmy for Outstanding Editing.  Marlon edited one of the Sports Special’s for ESPN’s e:60 “Boston Strong” which landed him his 3rd well deserved Emmy.  Congrats all around from the Anderson family Marlon!

Recent audio work on documentary ‘Arreo’

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Our Portland audio engineer, James Collazo, recently completed the audio mix on our friend, Tato Moreno’s latest documentary, ‘Arreo’! Check out Tato’s doc website for more information,  

Check in from Bristol

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VP Operations Malcolm Baker is in Bristol this week. Spring is finally coming, but very slow – very late. Daffodils not even blooming on April 17. The place is buzzing with work though – Promos, Contest Spots, Live Productions, Features, Graphics, Audio. Shout out to the folks in Bristol for their skill, professionalism and work […]


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Guess we are going to get a Snowmageddon every winter now. We are keeping our entryway open in Bristol. The good thing is we can make igloos in the parking lot for those who can’t make it home and back. In Portland we are dealing with deluges of warm rain that are washing all the […]

Great White Shark batman!!!

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Shark Attack at the International Spy Museum – Anderson style We deserve the lion’s share (or the great white’s share) of the credit for this viral video – 3 and a half million views.  Check it out.! Shark attack animations created by Anderson/Portland in 2012.

Spanish language marketing love!!!

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Spanish language marketing love!!!

One of the most interesting data sets for aspiring mapmakers is the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey. Among other things, that survey includes a detailed look at the languages spoken in American homes. We say “interesting,” but not on its surface.

1CE a week

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1CE a week

The Kooks released a new EP, “Down” find it on our Anderson Spotify Playlist, come shake it! 

Latino Marketing – The Fundamentals

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Latino Marketing – The Fundamentals

Latino Marketing Made a Difference During the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, when the race was called for Obama, the analysts for each network credited the Latino vote as the most decisive voting block. Subsequent data revealed a 70+ to 23 margin that voted with a clear preference for the platform and party that actually considered […]

Snowmageddon 2014

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Snowmageddon 2014

Today the Bristol Boyz (and Gurlz) welcome Rudy de Leon back from a six-week work stint in Portland, working for our good friends at the R2C Agency. It’s a long time away we know, so we tried to keep him busy with leaky house pipes and broken-down cars. Also snow storms. To make him feel at home. Fortunately […]

Very cool cinematography article

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Very cool cinematography article

Take a look at this fascinating piece that explores the cinematography in The Incredibles. Shows how meticulously the movie was put together – one of my faves for sure. – Ramiro Links to the piece below, written by Ron Doucet at the blog “Flooby Nooby”: PART ONE PART TWO PART THREE

From the desk of the VP!!!

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From the desk of the VP!!!

This is a big day at Anderson. The new website is live – please check it all out. Customers, clients and friends – this site is really for you. Please check it often: we’ll try to keep it non-static and fun. And of course, lots of Lebowski quotes. “It’s like what Lenin said… you look […]